De Broken Law
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De Broken Law
2019 • • 78 min • Top film nigerian
3.8/5 • 7 / 10 Recommandé

The story about the broken law, the characters there are NEBU AND AMANDI ie in the new generation while Ekwe in the old days the character. Nebu and Amandi were good Tite friends that lives in the city hosling to survive by hand picking and stealing but one day the committed a crime at Alphonse house and they were thrown away and they departed so coo incidentally they mate at Agbasike Village so in short form they came back to village and continue there evil did, they forget the of there kingdom that anyone seen stealing will be force to drink mix Cement and thrown in to the evil Forest. so unfortunately Amandi excapt and Nebu and Efe were cought so they were killed by the community but life favored NEBU one good samaritan Community Health Medical Practitioner working in the nabouring village as a Community Doctor saw Nebu and take him to his CLINIC WERE HE TREAT PATIENT after some days regain his self and desire to remain for life. Nebu also was favoured by the Doctor because Nebu was hard working he helped his master in the hospital and they doctor desire to train him after some years Nebu became a Doctor and he started having feeling about his father and he pleaded to go so he Left getting to village he found out that his father was sick and he treated him so when his found it was Nebu he shouted gost but later he realized it was truly Nebu his son and he took the testimony to the palace were the king son was seriously ill and the king order to invite Nebu to treat his son so he did after that the king ask Nebu what did you want me to do for you and Nebu demand nothing but to abolish the evil law made by there forefathers that is what Nebu ask the to do and the law.

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